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Kinaxis Unveils New Capabilities for Superior Supply Chain Management with Latest Product Release

July 11, 2016

Leading Supply Chain Management Cloud Provider Introduces RapidResponse 2016.2 to Help Customers Drive Business Growth with Concurrent, Collaborative Planning

July 11, 2016

Kinaxis® (TSX:KXS), provider of RapidResponse®, delivering cloud-based  SCM and S&OP applications, today announced availability of RapidResponse 2016.2, which delivers new levels of performance and innovative capabilities to serve its enterprise customers. Kinaxis RapidResponse uses in-memory technology to deliver the underlying visibility and simulation capabilities essential to drive concurrent, collaborative planning to make demand and supply balancing decisions across the enterprise.

Due to the number of tiers in the value chain network, supply chain visibility and coordination has traditionally been a challenge. Even in mature organizations the supply chain is often managed in functional silos with disjointed, sequential planning processes which inhibit collaboration amongst stakeholders.  While this may have been sufficient in the past, competitive pressures demand that global organizations adopt a more direct and interactive approach.

“With the latest release, RapidResponse has become an even more powerful platform for our customers driving a comprehensive and connected view across their global supply chain network, which has become a prerequisite to modern day concurrent planning,” said John Sicard, chief executive officer, Kinaxis. “With each new iteration of the platform, RapidResponse gains more scale, more speed, and more flexibility for the benefit of our customers, and our emerging partners.”

“Kinaxis delivers high performing, innovative technology to market-leading enterprises allowing them to transform their supply chain operations,” said Jack Noppé, chief technology officer, Kinaxis. “RapidResponse 2016.2 is a significant release that extends our customers’ end-to-end visibility across their supply chain utilizing our integrated platform to enable collaborative decision-making and concurrent planning.”

Introducing Adaptive Collaboration

Adaptive Collaboration is the industry’s only supply chain collaboration platform that connects people, processes, and data in a single, centralized platform to enable more effective end-to-end supply chain planning.  It builds on the collaboration capabilities inherent in RapidResponse, bringing together decision makers to collaboratively identify supply chain issues and opportunities, formulate and evaluate scenarios, and implement solutions to support supply chain goals. By aligning stakeholders with contextual data in one social, people-centric platform, companies can foster more efficient and effective supply chain decision-making. Adaptive Collaboration supports an active, mobile supply chain workforce with accessibility via desktop, mobile or tablet devices.

Other RapidResponse 2016.2 Highlights

Kinaxis offers a broad array of supply chain applications supported by RapidResponse’s single data model and in-memory analytics engine, accessed through a common user interface. In Rapidresponse 2016.2, enhancements have been made to the following applications:

Master Production Scheduling: With the latest release, customers can ensure continuous feasibility and alignment of the production plan and the S&OP aggregate supply plan to meet real-time customer demand with faster and more accurate schedule development, reconciled with supply chain material availability and constraints.

  • Order Fulfillment: The enhanced RapidResponse Order Fulfillment application provides a framework that supports order fulfillment activities by leveraging simulation capabilities, dynamic collaboration features, and several advanced analytics, such as order priority, fair share allocation, and two-date planning.  Order Fulfillment helps customer service representatives to quickly provide an accurate promise date for a customer’s order, while taking existing supplies, demands, and order policies into account.

  • Inventory Management:  The RapidResponse Inventory Management application helps to balance conflicting priorities to ensure attainment of on-time delivery targets while balancing inventory investment. RapidResponse delivers a holistic inventory management process integrated with key applications, such as Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP), Inventory Planning & Optimization (including MEIO capabilities) and Master Production Scheduling, on a platform that provides cross-functional collaboration capabilities.

Administration and Authoring: RapidResponse 2016.2 brings several enhancements that will benefit RapidResponse administrators and authors, including improved reporting and scorecard capabilities.

Knowledge Services: Significant investments have been made to enhance and scale the Kinaxis Knowledge Services model including enterprise learning programs that build centers of excellence and a skilled business user community as well as an expanded role-based knowledge portfolio with training paths, certification, and more advanced content.

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