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Kinaxis and Flex Team Up to Drive Supply Chain Network Agility

August 15, 2019

New strategic global partnership offers Flex customers the planning power of Kinaxis

OTTAWA, Aug. 15, 2019 /CNW/ - Kinaxis® Inc. (TSX: KXS), the leader in empowering people to make confident supply chain decisions, and technology manufacturer, Flex, have signed a strategic partnership to work together to promote the power of the Kinaxis supply chain planning, monitoring and response platform. The Kinaxis platform, RapidResponse®, is designed to connect the supply chain from suppliers to customers to improve end-to-end visibility, increase collaboration and reduce risk, resulting in more agility across the extended supply chain network.

Flex delivers innovative design, engineering, manufacturing, real-time supply chain insight, and logistics services to companies of all sizes in various industries and end-markets. A long-time Kinaxis customer, Flex uses Kinaxis RapidResponse® for advanced planning, ERP integration, and scenario planning across its global supply chain that includes more than 80 sites and 2,200 active users. The company's 12 operational user teams run 1,200 user-simulated scenarios and 5,000 automated scenarios weekly, and more than 450 customer planning analyses. Over the years, Flex has reduced key aspects of its planning processes from hours to minutes and decreased forecast/order commit cycle lead times by 25%.

"Kinaxis provides an innovative, reliable, and scalable solution that can handle the complexity of a contract manufacturing environment," said Gus Shahin, Flex CIO. "We've seen great benefits from extending the visibility provided by RapidResponse to our customers, and we are excited to expand our working relationship with Kinaxis to help more companies benefit from the RapidResponse platform."

Kinaxis RapidResponse is a key component of the Flex Pulse platform, which manages the Flex supply chain activity with real-time data to reduce business risk, increase customer visibility, improve efficiency, and decrease costs. The Flex Pulse platform is showcased in nine Flex Pulse Centers worldwide. As part of the agreement, Kinaxis and Flex will leverage these centers as a showcase for companies to see the powerful supply chain capabilities offered by Flex and Kinaxis.

"Flex is extremely unique and innovative in the way they've developed their supply chain network and in their approach to customer success," said John Sicard, CEO, Kinaxis. "With Flex Pulse, they are setting the standard for supply chain excellence. When you combine this supply chain expertise with their in-depth knowledge of RapidResponse, they make a perfect partner to help drive more value for Flex and its customers. We look forward to working with Flex and taking this opportunity to make an impact across a company's entire value chain network."

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